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Ooh, an Iraq thread. I remember when the war started and we had debates. Oh, and hi Rogue15. I'm apparently back from the dead...

The United States can never be isolationist. For one, it would damage our economy irreparably if we did that and we'd fall on our faces and take at least several dozen countries with us. Two, September 11 showed us, or at least me, that even if we try our best to stay out of some peoples' business they'll still want to kill us, so we need to be proactive. I'm always a lead-by-example kinda guy, anyway.

That being said, Iraq's been an interesting country over the last several years. I do think the President has screwed up in places, I think we shoulda had more troops in there like McCain thought. It might have stopped this from the start.

But it didn't. And here we are. As for your comments Spider, I think about it this way: The U.S. Army can in the end not guarantee anyone's safety. Your local police department can't do that either. What good security requires is helpful citizens and residents to stop the bombings, shootings, and kidnappings. I really place a lot of the blame on the Iraqi people. Bush made his mistakes and stuff. But the Iraqi government (which was elected by the iraqi people, and is not a puppet government) can't get its own sorry collective butts together and make progress. Couple that with a weak PM who likes Iran, and we're in trouble. That has to change, but the people have to want it to.

I really place a lot of the blame on the Iraqi people. It's their country. They have to invest in its future for us to make a difference. I think they are maybe coming around now. But time will tell. I think part of the blame is the government didn't take a broader approach to fixing the problem besides the military one. People seem fixated on the troops and the body counts. Please don't take it the wrong way because every death is another tear from the U.S.A., but that is not the primary concern.

I understand what the dems want, which is pressure on the Iraqi government. I don't think we should do that by removing troops, it should be by cutting aid. In the long run, that gets everyone to shape up, when they don't get the $$.

Ok, that's enough for now. Big post!

Proud to be an American.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-Edmund Burke
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