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The Assassin sensed the Millenium Falcon, which had just landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords. But he had time to worry about Captain Solo and the crew.

He paced around the stone passages of the ruins of the academy, searching for his Contract. He stood in the center chamber where the entrance of the Academy lay.

"I sense you, thief!" The Assassin whispered. "I know you're hear..."

At the view of the Academy's catacombs, a figure walked away from the shadows to face the Assassin. His Contract no doubt. He was a scruffy looking man, with dirt all over his face. He wore a mechanic's suit with a Utility Belt around his waste, which held a small blaster.

"You're too late!" the man said. "The Shielding device malfunctioned and self destructed."

"Excellent. You just saved me the effort of destroying it, as I will now destroy you!"

The Asssasin pulled out his WESTAR blasters had fired rapidly at the thief. His job was done. Now, it was time to face his next victems for his death count.
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