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1) I take Jedi Gaurdian/then Master if L/S as i tend to prefer melee to powers early on, moving further towards force reliant later in the game.

2) Dark Jedi Robes

3) depends on my mood, mostly Dual and varying colours red and blue is one i like, makes me feel more like a tweener, blue for my jedi belief red for the sorry mutha trucker who dares mess with me! mwahaha!

4) mostly force forms i believe its called mastery....i may be wrong, the one that the symbol is just a purple ball.

5) Master speed, stasis field, force wave (always have it, rarely use it actually) master heal, Force storm (by far the best) by the end of the game im usually using Stasis field first then hit em all with a force storm for any petty minions, and jedi i will fight head on...honour in battle, i love it.

1)Gaurdian/Sith Lord

2) Dark Jedi Robes

3) either Double blade (as i am currently) red, or dual with whatever coulours i decide.

4) purple ball again.

5) Master speed, stasis field, drain life, Force storm (by far the best) force choke (the mastered version,'kill' i believe it is) and insanity, cos it looks cool...they all hold thier heads whilst i strike them down! mwahaha!

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