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((Ooh, how I hate newbs, and especially their characters, getting cocky))

Emukiel looked at the hole, shook his head and then smacked the half-Bothan's back of the head.
"Well done. Now they've got probably triple the amount of minions rushing here than there were back at the main entrance and we have absolutely no firepower to take them out. Well done indeed" the Weequay said and shook his head again, first taking out his commlink and then switching it on.
"Sarge, engage secondary engines and release the fighter as soon as it's ready" he said and put the commlink away and turned to Uie'Sha again while switching his lightsaber on.
"Do you really think they won't send an army against possible reinforcements of ours? These aren't frightened bureucrats we're talking about. These Sith or Dark Jedi are doing something in there that they do not want interrupted. And whatever that something is, we must stop it before they can finish up"


The Delaya-class courier, aptly named Asla'tar, which mixed the original name for the light side of the Force as well as the strange written language found on the mysterious Zonama Sekot. So the name could be roughtly translated as "Creche of the Light side of the Force."
Anywho, the ship recieved message from Emukiel just as it was exiting water and so Sarge began speeding up as well as Q7 began to finish whatever tweaks it was doing to the fighter. At the back of the Courier, some hatches opened and jet engines popped out, speeding the ship even further. But it would still take time for the ship to make it's way to the Jedi

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