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((Hey, I did say he was an arsehole... and there's no need to use childish words like that, you're taking me way too serously... ))

Uie'Sha rubbed the back of his skull and realized that Emukiel was right, the idea was both clever and stupid and he should've thought it over before acting. Being a Grey jedi, He was naturally rebellious and it often got him into situations like this, not to mention those charges weren't cheap.
He tried to focus his attention on something else, mainly to avert his eyes from the morale-crushing glare-beam radiating from Emukiel...

((His character is developing, so things like this are expected... you seem to have quite a background on Emukiel so I'm assuming you've had alot of time to develop his character. I'm mainly focusing on Asa and being as eccentric as I am, I felt like him blowing something up as he was originally saving that charge until later...))

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