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Darth Blaze met with Darth Aap at an asteroid.

Blaze: I saw the explosion. Good work master.

Aap: ty, but we have to work very discreet from now on. I'm betting that any faction wants us dead now that we have destroyed half of the southern galaxy.

Blaze: Are ALL jedi really dead.

Aap: I think so. I don't feel any force activity anymore.

Blaze: What about this female rebel you met on kamino during this Revan madness.

Aap: The force is still weak in her and she is way too old for jedi training. I don't think we can consider her an actual threat.

Blaze: Good.

Darth Aap pointed a camera at himself while Blaze hacked into the video channels of the Rebellion, the Empire, and the Kithoran alliance. Aap sent the following to the leaders of all 3 factions.

Darth Aap: Hi there. You all have to be wondering: why won't we get any responce of from the Jedi and the southern galaxy? It's because I have set off an ancient sith energy core that was capable of destroying the systems. And ofcourse I was gentle enough to invite all of the Jedi in the galaxy to my little lightshow. This is what happens if you mess with the power of the dark side. You can look for me, but you will never find me. We sith are the masters of stealth. Be warned galaxy, that this is what we sith can do. Don't mess with us again.

Blaze: Ok it's all sent. This should let them crap their pants. heh heh heh. By the way, i know the ultimate hiding place. When i was escaping a burning ISD i crashed in a cloacked asteroid city. It has been there for ages and nobody EVER discovered its existence. As far as everyone thinks it doesn't exist.

Aap: Perfect, We will go there to make up our next move for the avenge of the sith.
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