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Originally Posted by Heavyarms

I really place a lot of the blame on the Iraqi people. It's their country. They have to invest in its future for us to make a difference. I think they are maybe coming around now. But time will tell. I think part of the blame is the government didn't take a broader approach to fixing the problem besides the military one. People seem fixated on the troops and the body counts. Please don't take it the wrong way because every death is another tear from the U.S.A., but that is not the primary concern.
I think you can't blame the Iraqi for not instantly adopting to our western democracy. The development of democracy in the western world was a result from many was a slow process until it reached what we know today.

The middle east never went through a comparable development, and therefore you can't expect them to embrace the system of government we forced on them within a day..

For me it's hard to imagine that someone would not want democracy and personal freedom, but if you're raised in one form of government (dictatorship), wouldn't you hesitate to accept a "new" system too?
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