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Still, it's a nice thread.

1. Guardian/Marauder.
2. Anything to boost STR. Universal D-Package is obviously my favorite. Robes if I can't find Darth Malak's Armor.
3. One red and one purple.
4. Force Channel until I get Juyo.
5. Master Speed. Force Immunity for a couple of duels. Offensive powers include Insanity, Force Wave, Force Lightning, Kill and of course Force Crush.

1. Sentinel/Watchman.
2. Anything to boost DEX. Again, big implants to boost physical (or all) attributes. Strictly robes.
3. The legendary Viridian Duo.
4. Force Channel, sometimes Niman after I get it.
5. Everything Force Enlightenment covers. Stasis Field, Force Wave and Destroy Droid as offensive powers. Again, Force Immunity for a couple of duels.
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