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The blaster on Rueben's hip, brought him no comfort... if anything, it added to his worries. He couldn't fire a blaster... not as well as he could swing a melee weapon, such as a vibro-sword or a lightsaber... but Jaden had insisted that he bring a blaster. He had his double-bladed lightsaber in hand, and slowly began walking towards the Academey back-entrance, when he suddenly dissappeared from everyone else's sight.

Force Camaflouge is very useful... plus, this is my battle alone... I am not defenseless. Rueben thought to himself.

Luke stood in his meditation chambers, when the Darkside began beckoning him again, but he resisted... he knew he had to, for his sake, and for Rueben and the Jedi's sake.

There is no Emotion, There is Peace.
There is no Ignorance, There is Knowledge.
There is no Passion, There is Serenity.
There is no Chaos, There is Harmony.
There is no Death, There is the Force.
Luke whispered to himself, to try and resist the Darkside.
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