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Originally Posted by Lantzen
This really looking good, i'm looking forward to the release
So am I
Originally Posted by Ztalker
I'm not sucking up man, just accept the fact you're making a great Mod
There aren't many mods that lenghten gameplay...

@New pics:
Cool the new lightning gives it a bit more creepy feeling...keep it up!
Thanks, I intend to
Originally Posted by The Source
I can just imagine you walking over to your computer, and saying, "Hey! When did I make an entire planet for KotOR II? I don't remember this."
Scary thing is, I probably would do that....
Originally Posted by Arátoeldar
Everything looks sweet DI. It's so nice of you to name an entire planet after me.
Err...sorry, whu?
Originally Posted by glovemaster
This looks fantastic and i must say that you have the best amount of patience ever... I'd have given up after a few weeks...

Won't reskinning the modules affect the modules that you are using? So, the coresponding modules will also be reskinned? or are you hex editing the room models and altering the GIT file i think it is?
Heheh, thanks.

And no, reskinning them won't, since I've hex-edited the relevant models
Originally Posted by Skittlez
I'm loving this!

You should include Ulic Qel Droma as a Recruit, like in the HK Factory!
But Ulic's much sexier than a droid
Thanks, but making Ulic recruitable would take something away from the mood of the mod
Originally Posted by rictus135
Wow, all your stuff looks great. *Ahhh* I am so insanely jealous right now.

Can't wait for the next update!
Originally Posted by Scarletguard
Will a BIK movie be added for landings and take offs from this pad?
There are no plans for that at the moment. I experimented with it, but it didn't look good at all...
Originally Posted by L0rdReV@n88
hey nice work i see some people still working hard on this it turning out to be a great looking mod. well its good to be back
Good to see you back too, and thanks
Originally Posted by darthjantom
great work so far,

how is the mod going, when will it be done ????
As DK said, when't its done

And now, onto the update. I've largely been making new weapons since the last update:

A new quarterstaffThe sabre being used.
(note that the two lightsabres of which there is only one picture each are simply for comparison.) I modelled the new lightsabre, meant to be Ulic's first lightsabre, from when he was a Jedi, on the lightsabre pictured in the Power of the Jedi Sourcebook, IIRC.

It's not what you think...

I wanted to make some new robes, but the other models didn't work as well for this purpose.

Picture #2
Possibly a new tomb on Korriban.

Some new Force powers...

...And their source
Mods Released
That's what Control said.
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