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"Where did Rueban-boy go?" Han wondered. "One minute, I saw him walk to that ancient building, then the next minute he vanishes..."

"Its a Force technique camaflouge. He means to meet the Assassin alone." said Leia.

"We've gotta at least help him!"


The Assassin sensed Rueban in this very building, no doubt longing for revenge. He was exploring the remains of the Academy, learning how the Sith lived back then. Undernote to him, he pressed his back against the wall of the dormitories. The wall moved.

The Assassin leapt away from the wall to see that it revealed a secret entrance to another room. He entered it, vaguely.

He found himself in a strangely shaped, circular chamber. The chamber was so dark, he could hardly notify the outlines of the large and or small objects. Suddenly, the chamber lit. Those outlines of objects he saw around him were... holocrons.

The Holocrons activated, and projected holograms of dark, cloaked figures...
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