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Okay that's it. This RP is now open for business.


Cap'n Dav alighted his ship, which was now docked at a port somewhere in Asia. Bringing a few of his most capable and trusted men, they headed for the nearby marketplace to acquire goods. Acquire does not necessarily mean trade or buy. These are pirates, remember? And hungry pirates at that, arr!

So here we have it, Cap'n Dav and the crew of the Heavenglider stride boldly into the market square, cutlasses and pistols drawn. A momentary silence occurs next, then the pirates all mass towards whatever food suits their fancy, taking things at will, plundering and eating with a vigor.

Then suddenly, the bosum toppled over a beer keg with a bloodcurdling scream, a nunchaku wrapped around his now snapped neck. Figures dressed entirely in black sprang from the rooftops, and one of the first Pirate vs. Ninja confrontations in history began. But it wouldn't be the last. Oooh no, it would not be the last.

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