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Originally Posted by TKA-001
Super Battle droids are, IMO, as strong as Droidikas SHOULD be. SBDs did not have those huge arm cannons, and it shouldn't take three clips from my DC-17 to kill them. Droidikas should be the really tough every-so-often-mini-bosses.
Those aren't the normal SBD'S They are B-2A Driods. Here is the article:
"A second type of super battle droid was produced, the B-2A, which was used for clearing Republic starships and protecting vital assets. These droids were often encountered by Clone Commandos. These droids replaced one arm, with a huge cannon, which was strong enough to cause damage to Katarn armour. These droids were able to utilize an energy shield to protect themselves from Grenade blasts and had more advanced armour which was able to take damage from a DC-17m assault repeater. These droids, however, had deadly weaknesses, which were exploited by Clone Commandos. They often wore darker armour than the battlefield configuration of the B-2 series."

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