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Just my two cents, but Casino Royal, going back to the first novel and movie, getting in a new actor, was all a way of breaking free from a formula that had, in this day and age, gone a bit stale. Die Another Day was bad, an invisible car in a palace of ice was going too far into the Sci-fi era when it shouldn't have.

Daniel Craig was meant to shake things up. Before the movie came out people hated the fact that he was blonde (a problem that doesn't seem to have escaped you it seems), but after the movie came out people forgave that because he simply did a brilliant job. Was it the Bond you remember? No, of course not, what would be the point in that. It was a more human bond, someone we could all relate to in a way. That's why people loved him.

Even still, there were those that didn't like it and frankly, we're all entitled to our opinion, everyone has different tastes, we can't expect people to like everything.

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