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((He's new to me, which makes him a newb on my chart))

Emukiel glanced at Juhn-Kai and then drew out his lightsaber, igniting it and looking at the blade before taking a step towards the hole in the building.
"We need to confront whoever is behind this" the Weequay said to Juhn-Kai and concentrated quietly, locating the strongest source of Force Energy in the building. As he turned to the group again, there were aleady minions waiting for them to enter.
"Whoever is behind this is not here. There are no powerful Sith here. Dark Jedi and apprentices, but no Sith Lord. We need to move swiftly and take care of whatever they are doing before they can erase any information about their true leader. As soon as we get inside, at least two of us should go in search of their mainframe" he said before pushing a button on his belt, giving the abort signal to his ship.


Now that there were minions ready, the building's other defences, including aerial ones, should be in place and Emukiel couldn't afford to lose his ships. After the ship had set down, another signal came throught requesting Q7's presence as it would be needed to get any information from the mainframe in the time limit they were under. The latter signal also meant that they had chosen someone to get to the mainframe.


"I'll do it" Feirod said as he ignited his lightsaber and took Emukiel's tracking device so the droid would know where to look for him.
"I'll go alone and crawl throught the air ducts as soon as we're safely inside. Here. It's a copy of the blueprints" the Equine said and gave a small disk to Emukiel in return for the tracking device. The Jedi then looked at Juhn-Kai and simply bowed as thanks for the wise man's teachings just in case if he wouldn't make it out alive. After he had straightened himself up fro mthe bow, he got ready to rush inside with the rest of them

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