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Lightbulb And now...The Psychonauts Anagram Game!

This place could sure use some more activity. So, I thought I'd post some anagrams of Psychonauts characters' names that I came up with recently. Yes, I'm SO obsessed that I made Psychonauts anagrams.

An anagram, in case you don't know, is a word or phrase that you get from scrambling the letters in another word or phrase, usually a person's name. I know most of the anagrams I made are from names with very few letters in them, but hey, I tried. Can you guess whose name anagrams to each phrase?

1. A foal can loom.
2. Zip a runt.
3. Hal, make pig.
4. Ha! Nine ass!
5. Lie front.
6. Cheer a glob.
7. O come, felt!
8. Gee, great LED.
9. Poor by cored.
10. Lo, make do.

I'll try and think of more. Or you guys can try making your own. Wanna give it a try? Anyone?

"This game will blow your mind...out of your nose." - ad for Psychonauts
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