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Monica shook her head wildly. "Whoa! Who are you?!" She looked at Rueben. Then at Bastila. Monica couldn't say a word until....

"All right." She sighed. Then said, "I got it all figured out. When the Jedi Code is said... then we fly through this little mirror, I think.... and enter the Star Wars Galaxy. Then if we wanna come back home... we say the Jedi Code." She gasped, and jumped up and down excitedly. "Oh my gosh!! Don't you know what this means, Darrick?! We can enter Star Wars Galaxy, and get away from Earth, when ever we feel like it!"

She went to the window and looked at the city of Chicago. It's beautiful lights glowing in the dark night. "We can get away." Monica decided to call Xander down for all the excitment. "Xander!!"

Monica turned back at Rueben. "Welcome to Earth... uh... what's your name?"


Kala glanced around to find Rueben. She was getting worried about him. "Han's right! We gotta at least help him, before he gets hurt!" She ran into the ancient Sith building. "I'm gonna find him!"
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