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"What are a huge stash of holocrons recorded by the great Sith Masters doing here?" The Assassiin asked the numbers of hologram figures. One of them responded.

"Our records recall a last entry from a human male by the name Uthar Wynn, Sith Teacher and Master of this Academy, more than four thousand years ago!"

"During a Jedi Civil War, Master Uthar had a sensational greed of collecting Sith Holocrons. So he stored his collection of information and teachings right here in this secret chamber!" another hooded hologram said.

"Our creations are dated back to the era of the First Sith Ancestory. The year of "The Recorders" departure from the Galaxy!"

"And what are these "Recorders"" The Assassin asked curiously.

"Mecha creations formed from Sith Alchemy. They are artificial sentient beings of a human form, and were designed to be "story tellers" of the history of the entire galaxy. Their capability was so phenominal, that they could even see further into the future!"

"But there was of coarse a malfunction, and their allegiance to the Sith was suddenly broken. Now they remain neutral, and have of coarse departed from the Galaxy into the unknown."

"What was the cause of the Malfunction?" The Assassin asked, eager to learn more.

"Error: There is a corruption in our databanks. Information has been lost for hundreds and thousands of Millenia!"

((^ With this above info, I am saying that George Lucas is one of the Recorders that left the Galaxy. This is how we know of Star Wars... eh? You like? Is this okay with you SkywalkerRules?))
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