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SWG 4th yr Birthday bash events and dates for your diary

Friday Feature –Star Wars Anniversary Bash - 05/11/2007

It's time to celebrate two momentous landmarks in the Star Wars universe: the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars: A New Hope, and the 4th anniversary of Star Wars Galaxies! Fantastic anniversary events and exclusive gifts kick off on May 21 to honor these special occasions.

Nym's Anniversary Bash
May 21- June 25, 2007
Nym is throwing a party and everyone is invited! Join the festivities at Nym's Stronghold from May 21 to June 25. Dance the night away to the melodies of Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes band, socialize with friends, and browse the complimentary wares of Nym's Anniversary Quartermaster.

No party is complete without punch and cake, so visit the Quartermaster to take a swig of Lokkian Booster Blast, taste the sweet Anniversary Cake, set off gigantic fireworks, and more!
The Quartermaster also offers a rare painting commissioned to mark this historic occasion. Hang this one-of-a-kind painting in your house to let everyone know that you attended the party of a lifetime.
You can find Nym's Anniversary Quartermaster in Nym's Stronghold on Lok, the Restuss Starport on Rori, the Coronet Starport on Corellia, the Theed Starport on Naboo, and the Mos Eisley Starport on Tatooine.
A unique badge will also be given to all players who attend Nym's Anniversary Bash, so be sure to stop by the social event of the galaxy.

Star Wars Anniversary Gifts
May 21 - June 25, 2007 and June 27 - July 15, 2007
A party this big needs spectacular gifts to match! In addition to the painting offered by Nym's Quartermaster, you can also claim two commemorative items during the celebration.
Star Wars: A New Hope 30th Anniversary Painting
From May 21 to June 25, 2007, use the veteran reward system to receive an in-game painting of the Star Wars: A New Hope movie poster.

Star Wars Galaxies 4th Anniversary Goggles
Star Wars Galaxies celebrates four years on June 26! Use the veteran reward system from June 27 to July 15, 2007 to pick up a pair of distinctive goggles.

Four Year Veteran Reward
June 19 - July 10, 2007
A new Veteran Reward will also be offered for those dedicated players who reach their own four year anniversary with Star Wars Galaxies. Beginning on June 19, players who have reached the 48-month mark can adopt a new Familiar pet: Mynock, Gackle Bat, or Mouse Droid.

These unusual pets can perform a trick for their veteran master!

Use the Veteran Reward pop-up window in game to choose your new Familiar.
Star Wars Celebration IV
May 26, 2007
The teams from Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts will be at the upcoming Star Wars: Celebration IV event on Saturday, May 26, 2007. Star Wars Galaxies representatives will be in the GameStop Gameplay Area to chat with players and answer questions. Please visit the official Celebration IV web site for more information about this event, and stay tuned to the Star Wars Galaxies web site for pictures and news from the summit.
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