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Originally Posted by Jason Skywalker
Hey, i have another question...

Since the EMU is Pre-CU, then for a Jedi, there is Perma-Death AND how do you become a Jedi in Pre-CU? Hologrinding?
They haven't decided on any of that yet, they probably won't even do it, they may leave it up to individual servers to implement jedi or not. At the current patch they are using(past publish 9 atleast), the Jedi system in place was the force village, but because of the time(or lack there of) required to unlock in this sytem they may not use it or change it. Even before they put this in, perma-death was gone and you just had skill loss. I'm pretty sure though they will scale attaining jedi to the power of them. The stronger they are, the harder it will be to obtain it.

Back in the day I have seen 1 jedi strike through 10 people in Coronet before having to flee, after the village jedi became more common and weaker, it was better when it was dangerous to level but when you got there you were a true alpha-class.
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