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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
What do I have to do to play on SWGemu server?

Obvisously I will ahve to install the game(limited edition, cool sumglasses) And the what?

DO I have to get the standard updates(that would be NGE?) or something else? Yes my subscription did not expire.
well you can use your original swg cd's and if you pirate the game the emu wont work, so just buy it online if u dont have the disks.

you will need to update with the official patch files listed under this link.

as well as the files for fixing the lighting and empty emotes.

then you just need to get the ip address from the irc chanell called #test, dont ask for it its in the message of the day, of the forums.

yes truegalaxies and spraticnet will eventually be servers but the stress test is at swgemu
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