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SWG Emulation Update

SGEmu are still working on Core3 - an optimized rewrite of their original code. They currently have a decent amount of combat in, and their test server is regularly online at See their forums and/or chat for further details. I cba to link to them.

The until-now-quiet SWGANH team have finally gone public (ANH stand for A New Hope, as any Star Wars fan should've already gathered). You can gauge their progress by browsing the only publicly available screenshots available at

The ANH forums are still closed, but feel free to inquire about and/or discuss the ANH project on our ANH forums at

Enjoy the screenies.

Other Emus
The other emus are progressing nicely as well. They may be adopting a "tortoise and the hare" mentality, but this is necessary to prevent buggy and incomplete code.

OpenSWG, the CU emulator team, have made some very encouraging progressover the past couple of months. They are currently still working on full 'nix portability before pressing on. Very commendable.

Phoenix OS (a pre-CU emu coded in VB6) have also been making some progress as of late with zone insertion, basic NPC insertion, and many highly optimized features.

The status of SWG DotNet (an NGE emulator) is currently unknown.
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