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Originally Posted by magna mandaloe
so JTL will be included Correct? and if its open Source does that mean you can edit it to have new ship or another ship flyable? also what if you have installed a game that already has Patch 15 in it?

and if LA is truely supporting us SOE can't say squat.
I'm reasonably sure that JTL will be included in it, though it my be one of the last parts implemented, and it would be up to the server opperators weather or not to even include JTL in the "publically hosted server". The SWGEmu team (as far as I know) are trying to reverse engineer the server code as it was at patch 12.1 (a time shortly before the CU, so yes, JTL would be part of the codeing they do-IF they get around to it. The complete construction of a 12.1 server code is the intent, but of course time and difficulty may alter it.

Some of the EMU teams do have open source as far as letting you try your hand at fixing stuff, but just because you do this, doesn't mean it will be implemented. Final call for that is of course up to the dev team in charge of the individual server. From what I could figure out, this source mostly comes from what teh SWGEmu team has hared previously, then butchered/patched to fit the whims of the teams makeing their own code based off this code.

Most of the EMU sites have links/instructions for reverse patching for people who got the most recent live update, and need to get the right .dll's that were corrupted from the recent patch.
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