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Here are some juicy bits from the latest Q&A session showing how far along we are. You can find the whole Q&A at

Q) What % would you say JTL is complete?
A) 90%

Q) Do you feel like you will be able to add in professions soon?
A) Its a bit further on the to do list, but in the near future yes.

Q) How is experience implemented? with mobs?
A) Its there. We just wont award xp for mobs on the upcomming TC until Professions are in.

Q) You said resources were in the ground.. what percent of crafting is done along with that?
A) Most of the protocol behind crafting is done. Just the data related items are still in infancy.

Q) When do you guys think you will add groups to the TC?
A) Its on the top 10 SWG related features to do for Core3.

Q) To go along with Erec's question, how about NPCS?
A) They will be in the next TC. Watch for it

Q) Is there any word on placing structures?
A) Research was done and completed last month by Ultyma.

Q) New Content?
A) New models and skins? Not supported. New missions, quests, npcs etc yes.

Q) Can we expect some fun "events" to go along with the tests on TestCenter?
A) Thats the new direction our TC will be taking. Themed events for each stres test.

Q) What is on the top 10 list?
A) This top 10 list should ideally be completed in no more than 1.5 weeks, though it could take longer due to life. These are SWG related functions and do NOT include internal improvements to the server such as clustering & stability fixes.
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