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Mace Windu stood inside a LAAT/i, holding onto the net above him to keep his balance as the gunship rushed towards the Jedi Temple. The droids had been driven back even if he had been too slow to notice the true intention of the attack, causing Grievous to manage an escape with the Supreme Chancellor. But it was not a complete loss as Grievous had been wounded in the very short-lived duel of Windu and the cyborg. The gunship continued to shoot into the diminishing ranks of the droid forces while on it's way to bring Mace to coordinate the swift counter-attack. The gunship had barely landed inside the hangar when Windu jumped off and rushed towards the war room. Inside, he met up with several clones and Jedi giving out orders.

"General Windu, the droids are in a full retreat. Our ships are cutting throught their lines like a vibroblade throught butter" a Clone said as soon as the Jedi entered
"Good. How is the space battle going?" Master Windu asked and walked towards the Clone.
"The Seperatists are attempting to fall back but we have manage to lock them inside the planetary shields. Home Fleet and the Open Circle fleets are continuing the attack and we have recieved word that General Kenobi and Commander Skywalker are on their way towards the Invisible Hand" the clone answered and Mace nodded silently, stepping forth to the large table showing the battle rather accurately. depending on which reports were coming in at the moment. Radio communications were tuned over to Kenobi and Skywalker's frequency and their chatter came throught the speaker. Windu nodded to the Clone and started to hand out orders to the Home Fleet on how to position itself

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