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Originally Posted by Vaderrocks
I have a question. Why do some games even have Linux Installers on them anyway? What do they need em' for?
Aside from the Xbox, Linux installers (in games) are mainly for the purpose of creating game servers ~ preferably Linux being much more stable than Microsoft, not to mention far less proprietary. I would say this is just server side only ~ where the client side is usually Mac & PC, very rare is there an official build (full game) for Linux where it's supported being that there's many different builds of Linux e.g. Red Hat, Slackware, Ubuntu, Debian, Knoppix. Installation is quite different on many.

Usually a Linux user has to run the PC game through a Microsoft emulator such as “Wine” to get it to work.

NOTE: A modded xbox with "cromwell linux" is nolonger an xbox. To run games on Cromwell would more likely need to be PC emulated or Xbox emulated and that is frowned on by "the Man!"

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