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First of all Nancy, the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with "bringing democracy" to the middle east. It was never our governments' intention to install democracy in Iraq. It was their intention to install a friendly regime, a puppet regime.

Also, we don't have a functioning democracy in OUR OWN nations, so there's little likelihood of giving it to anyone else.

Secondly, before we blundered in, Iraq was one of the most secular, non-religious societies in the region. Saddam's regime had removed Islam from the criminal court system, for instance. And Sunni and Shia were cohabiting with a remarkable degree of non-violence. Religion is a problem wherever you find it, but Iraq? Iraq was remarkably secular.

So sitting around blaming Islam for our inability to pacify the state we illegally invaded is ridiculous. The reason we haven't brought peace to Iraq is threefold:

1. Our governments were never interested in bringing "peace" or "democracy" to Iraq in the first place.
2. We never put enough money into Iraq to rebuild it, and corrupt US officials essentially squandered what little cash we DID put into Iraq.
3. When you invade a country and act as an occupying force of invaders... the people aren't going to like it. Some of them will attack you. It's obvious.

These are some of the reasons that people like myself opposed the war from the get-go. These were all predictable consequences of the illegal invasion.

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