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Darth Aap and Darth Blaze were looking up as they saw Kithoran spyships traveling to different systems.

Aap: Looks like the Kithorans want to get us pretty badly for this.

Blaze: Like they'll ever find this place.

Aap: Anyway we need to think of the next thing we're gonna do now.

Blaze: I know. Lets assasinate Mothma and make it look like a Kithoran action. That way the rebellion and the kithorans will also be at war. It will be Kithorans vs Rebellion vs Empire vs Corrupt Empire. We'll get a galactic mayhem like never before. And with ships like those Serenity ships, Super Star destroyers, and Home 1-like ships, They'll destroy half the galaxy while fighting.

Aap: Great. First we'll need a Kithoran blaster rifle. What is the closest planet?

Blaze: Well, since Mon Calamari is a graveyard right now i guess... kashyyyk.

Aap: Ok great. Lets go there, break into an outpost and get a rifle from the armory. It's best if no guard sees us tho. If they find a dead guard with lightsaber wounds they'll be suspicious.

Blaze: Sounds like a solid plan. Lets move.

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