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LOL...Your ex must really be a blood sucking bitch if shes planning on stealing comic books with the hopes of ebaying them. BTW, in my light understanding on legal issues like these, you can give the book to someonefor like 1 penny, ie, your brother, best friend, mistress, someone you trust, and tell your wife "sorry, i got rid of it already". then go get it back a week after the divorce...One of my friends kept his truck and his boat by doing that. Said he sold em. And he did. For $20. To his brother. Who gave them both back right after the divorce.

Good luck with your crazy bitch, and I wouldnt spend $125 on it either. Own it in hardcover anyways. They were saying just rumors of a rerelease, but I was under the impression it would be happening sooner than later, so if all youre trying to do is make a quick $100, id just go ebay it while you can.
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