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Juhn-Kai bowed back to Faroid in recognition of his apprentice. He then looked at the hole in the wall and walked through it without igniting his lightsaber. He looked around and Lyla followed him closely. After going in and taking a couple of steps Juhn-Kai raised an eyebrow, he then turned to Emukiel and Strider.

- "Hord" - Juhn-Kai said and gestured Lyla to come to his side. Lyla then walked to the master and looked into his silver eyes.

- "Lyla, take the team into the dig, find whoever is in charge down there and arrest them" - Juhn-Kai said then turned to look at a shadowed corridor - "We'll take care of this".

Lyla then motioned the others to follow her. Juhn-Kai signaled Emukiel and Strider to go in.

- "You feel it too do you not?" - Juhn-Kai asked them both.

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