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Uie'Sha followed the rear of the group as they left for the dig, he was paranoid about people scorning at his back after doing something stupid, yet another flaw he tried to repair in vain.


Like a foreboding overseer, Asa watched over the immense progress of the archeological dig-site... next to her lay a solid Phrik locker fashioned in the old Sith markings, dictating it's age as a worthy vessel for it's precious cargo. Inside lay the vials to many long-dead Sith, the collection was growing steadily as more discoveries were made at least twice an hour; not neccessarily the vials though a small collection of Sith artifacts was set upon the ancient case including numerous holocrons and the odd lighsabre crystal, their hilts long gone by the passing of time.

"Milady, there are two more sets remaining, we are having difficulty locating them!" a Seren initiate informed her.
"We have guests approaching, hasten your search as we will not leave until we have all of them!" Asa looked over her shoulder at the group guarding the chest, nodding her head for them to stall the intruders, calling all of those present to her for a small anouncement, "If they arrive before we secure the last vials, we will make our escape and detonate the site using permacrete explosives, ensure they never discover what we intend from this site by burying the last remnants... If that happens I will take the fall for the loss, that is why we must hurry; countless ages of planning are at stake!"

As the team resumed their work at an increased pace, Asa looked to the marching backs of the Marauders she had sent against the Jedi... Where are you Orpheus, the scene is set... she heard echo in her thoughts
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