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Build orders

Hi, I just want some tips on build orders. I dont have much time for GC right now, so all im doing is skirmish. I like the space battles best and Im working on getting the hang of each of the factions. Playing Empire was pretty easy i think, so I moved onto Rebels. With my current build order I cant seem to win on Hard AI. I have 4/5 of the mines and 3 Nebulon-B's, 3 Corvettes, 4 B-Wings, Han, Antilles and a few MC30s. by the times Im in tech 4, the computer bring up Thrawn, Piet and a few victories and acclamators all at once. Where did he get the resources? What am I doing wrong? And its not like im just sitting there the whole time. By the time it pops its fleet up, Im moving in to attack his space station after I collected all the available mines. Money usually isnt a problem, but After that initial wave, they just keep coming.

My build order:
1)Tech to level 2
2)Lock s-foil and send them off to mines.
3)Construct mines and scout.
4)Build Han
5)Build corvettes, and Neb-B.
6)Tech 3
7)Build more mines.
8)Upgrade shield and Weps.
9)Fight off invaders.
10)Make B-wings
12)Tech 4
13)Hold mines and keep repelling invaders.
14)Upgrade weps and shields
15)Move to his base.
17)Make more of what I lost.
18)Tech 5
19)upgrades, hold mines.
20)Ackbar, Mon Cals.
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