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Originally Posted by Tyrion
A $400 dollar phone, which for the price better be able to communicate with US military laser satellites and triangulate massive destruction on the subject of your choice.
It's not a $400 phone. GameStop sells the Helio device now, which means it cost me about $245 after my discount. It basically operates like a Blackberry. Another perk is I get 50% off the all in monthly bill which equates out to about $42.50 a month which is about what I was paying for my last phone. Top that?

With this package, I get unlimited HTML internet access (yes, I HAVE surfed LF from this device!) , unlimited text, GPS, built in qwerty keyboard, built in camera with 3x optical zoom, as well as full access to yahoo messenger, windows messenger, and AIM. From google maps I can get a satellite image of where I am, and I can pull up the local traffic from wherever I am at. I can even get the weather reports, google news, and unlimited myspace access.

You know, I have had ****ty phones all of my life, and I finally got one that does everything I wanted and needed it to do. My old phone had barely one bar of signal, which means I could see who was calling, but never carry on a conversation with who ever called. I spend about 60% of my life at work, for which I had no access to internet what so ever, and about 25% of my life sitting in traffic to and from said job.

If you can get past the whole annoying "don't call it a phone" marketing strategy, it IS a cool package. It totally fits my lifestyle, and works great!

I have been messing around with this thing for about 3 days now, and I can't get over how cool it is. Hell, this phone is even cooler than me.

Given time, I will figure out how to triangulate massive destruction on Tyrion's home town, and your little dog too.
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