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Poetry apreciation

I quite like reading poetry... it's not just for girls, honest.

I thought we could share some poems - so if you have any good ones, reply with them here. The only rules are that you use a different poet each time, that you don't double post, and you only give one poem at a time!

To kick things of, this is my favourite Dave Grossman poem that I've read so far:

This one could use a bit of explanation. I was griping about Daylight Saving
Time again yesterday, bending the ear of noted comics artist Andy Hartzell. I
said that clocks really only have one purpose, which is to synchronize
yourself with other people, and that changing them around interferes with that purpose. I further suggested that time zones were a bad idea for the same reason, and that we should all use Greenwich Mean Time to make worldwide synchronization as simple as possible. Andy pointed out that this might be weird for people in places where the numbers would then go back to 1 again at some peculiar part of the day, and of course we'd have the same problem if we tried to use letters or anything else with a linear order. So I proposed a system whereby we mark time using a color wheel, since it hasn't got any particular beginning or end and would therefore make just as much sense in places where the sun rises at aquamarine as it would where it rises at lavender. International Color Time is born! Andy suggested I write a poem, so I did.

Love on International Color Time

I saw you first at half maroon
We talked til peach obscured the moon
Now here it is banana hue
And every tint I think of you
Meet me by the old caboose
At seven shades beyond chartreuse
Just before the neon lime
Bring a brush and we can paint the time

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