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"The presence is everywhere... We should get to whoever the leader here is before they can run off. I need to make sure it's not the one I think is behind this whole thing" Emukiel said and held the ignited lightsaber by his side as in the corridor, Feirod had cut throught into the duckts and jumped inside to rush towards the command center. Taking out the holoimage of the blueprints, Emukiel looked at the room.
"This was probably the security HQ. That would mean we need to get to the most luxurious place, which would be... here. West corner of the building. I will go and see that he is placed under arrest also. Juhn-Kai, if you wish to come with me, I would be more than glad to work with you once more" the Weequay said and pocketed the blueprints. Meanwhile, his astromech rolled past them, under the cut-throught air vent and then ignited small booster rockets that let it slip inside.


The Equine jedi crawled throught the airduckts, his lightsaber unignited as the hum and colour might alert anyone standing below a vent. It was a rather tight squeeze for a modern building, but he managed to finally get to the long drop that would let him straight inside the main computer. Jumping down, he ignited his lightsaber on the way. His hard hooves kicked the vent open and smashed against the floor as he dropped down. Before the guards could open fire, they were either knocked out or killed by a powerful force throw and a swing of the lightsaber. Feirod rushed to the computer and looked at all the buttons and the writing on the screens. First of all he disabled all security droids, drones and turrets as well as unlocked all doors he could. This would at least give some advantage to the incoming jedi before their opponents could manually override the door controls

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