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(No clue where we ended up in the galaxy but Hopefully i doesn't matter. If it does we can change it around a bit.)

The three kids looked around the planet they were now on. It was grassy plains with small plateus everywhere. Darrick noticed a slightly old man walking towards them. "Where are we sir?"
"Why, you are outside of the Khoonda village."
"Khoonda? Which means we are on....Dantooine right?"
"Why, yes you are. Did you not know what planet this was when you came here from space."
"We didn't come from space, we......" he looked at Monica and Xander, "te..le..ported here."
"Ah I see. You some kind of jedi helping you out?"
"No sir."
"Xander, you explain how we got here." turning around to Xander.
"That's quite alright. You don't have to tell me." The man walked past them heading towards the village. "By the way the village is where I'm headed if your looking for it."
"Should we?" Darrick asked the other two.
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