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((My mistake! I meant to say we landed in Korriban. ))

Monica shook her head shyly, and glanced at the old man. "No sir. Thanks anyway." She opened her locket once more. "Ok guys. Lets go to another planet. If we can." The three teenagers touched the locket. Monica said the Jedi Code again.

"There is no Emotion, There is Peace.
There is no Ignorance, There is Knowledge.
There is no Passion, There is Serenity.
There is no Chaos, There is Harmony.
There is no Death, There is the Force."

They transported through blue flashes of bright stars. Then, they landed on hard ground from the portal. "Ouch!" Monica yelled, after falling on the ground. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that they were in a strange ancient temple. "Whoa. What is this place?"

She suddenly saw the young man who transported into her room. "Hey, there's that kid again!" Monica whispered to her two friends. "C'mon. Let's following him." She crept behind rocks, so she wouldn't be seen by Rueben.
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