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Asa's wrist interfaced began to wail, the security room had been breached and now the entire network was offline moments after it had recovered from the explosion.
She was cut off from Tulak, the Marauders and the others who were not at the dig, all communications links were down.

The digsite became hushed, a feeling of awe swept over the others as one of them lifted a small casket from the ground. Inside lay the last set, belonging to Darth Sideous himself.

"Prepare for transport, by the brotherhood we need to move!"


Uie'Sha gasped to breath after being momentarily force-choked by one of the Marauders, luckily he had been close enough to ward his opponent away with a single wave of his weapon. His comrades had admirably handled their opponents, the Seren attackers were growing scarce, he felt the presence of a large number of force sensitives, the closer they approached to the dig the stronger it grew... Though above it all, he could feel something different and yet familiar, the same presence from when they were exiting hyperspace.

((Miracle, I'll let you post how the Jedi and Seren cross paths here ))
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