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* the master imperial (me!) got the transmission containing the video*

*watches video*

Imperial: Ah, thats more like it the sith blowing up half the galaxy to get the jedi well we would of done that but we have no time, Slicer hack into this video and find out it's current location

Slicer: Yes sir

* The Slicer slices the program and finds out where it's coming from*

Slicer: Um sir, you may want to look at this, it says it is from a planet called Kore

Imperial: What, what's Kore

Slicer: Well it says it is a old republic relic where the droids were manufactured but no one has been there for years

Imperial: Well where going there no matter what!

Slicer: But theres to many astroids in the way

Imperial: Slicer, Slicer, Slicer have you not understood what ship we are in

Slicer sir l do where in a model 6634 AKA The Leviathin Cereal number 109, 10009375 ship No. built

Imperial: Um l guess you do understand it but anyway this ship can go through astroids it's a special feature

Slicer: Ok

Imperial: Set the coordinates

Stormtrooper: Yes sir hyperspace caculating... Caculation finished sir were going now

Imperial: Excellent

*they hyperspace to Kore*

Meanwhile where Darth Aap and Darth Blaze is speaking...

Darth Aap: NO! lm so stupid

Darth Blaze: What

Darth Aap: I forgot to erase the planet where on Kore from the memory banks of the empire!

Darth Blaze: Well there they are

*the leviathin hyperspaces into the system*

Darth Aap: Great

Hey finally KOTF is comming out so get your JK3JA out and download becasue it's comming real soon!!!

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