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Originally Posted by Trex
I'd love to play a KOTOR which could last over eighty hours, but it might be too much for the main plot. Ideally I'd go with around fifty hours, but with enough optional sub-plots and side missions to make it last eighty if you wanted it to.

By the way, how many hours were in KOTOR II? Like, with optional quests and without them? It's intriguing me now that I think of it...

BUT, the game can be as long as they want if, as if already posted, the story doesn't drag. What they can do with all that time is finish the series for good, close absolutely all loose threads, including the most minuscule side quests. KOTOR IV is too much IMO, storywise. Unless it starts a new trilogy. In any case I would prefer a new trilogy of similar games unrelated storywise after KOTOR III.
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