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Originally Posted by CaldaRaric
The plot would have to keep me interested for the game to be really long. I would say 80 hours of game play all together including every quest would be all right because you wouldn't have to do them all. It would kind of have to be like Morrowind, where you have a huge game and tons of side quests to keep you busy.
I'm inclined to agree, games have to consisitently keep their momentum throughout to be able to produce a large game, a sad case of a rarity in most modern games. SP games can't be as ambitious as the likes of MMORPGS as it just wouldn't work in a single player setting. The reason for KOTOR being so popular is that it is a reasonable length with a strong plot that keeps a player interested throughout; it's therefore not too long but not too short either, a well balanced game in my opinion (of course i play with a lot of mods, which makes the experience a WHOLE lot better!). K3 should maybe be somewhat longer, but keep true to it's predecessors that should result in a fine end to the series.
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