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Originally Posted by Maian
I haven't covered harmonic combos (synergy.2da), though the system looks simple. I got sidetracked into trying to decipher JE's MDL format. I've been making some progress on that, but the best I can do is just provide a structural layout of the format since I'm not a modeler (or have modeling software).
The Harmonic combo data seems to follow the same pattern as the other files.... An effect column that references effects.2da to say what happens when the combo triggers, and a parameter column that specifies what 2DA line is used in the definition 2DA for that effect type. The screenshake column points to a line in visualeffects.2da. The other columns seem unused. Seems to work fine to add new rows here as well when making new styles to give them unique HC behaviors.

The relevant styleAS.2da columns seem to be:

synergyprestate - Set to 1 for the martial style attacks that can finish the Harmonic Combo. Usually only the power attack has this set, but it works on any attack.

synergystart - Set to a row number in synergy.2da for the effect that should happen when the Harmonic Combo triggers. This is set in the support/magic style that initiates the HC timer.

synergyduration - Seems to be a delay before the harmonic combo countdown initiates, in seconds.

The synergyeffect column appear to be unused from what I can tell.

If you set a synergystart and synergyprestate on the same attack the harmonic combo will trigger immediately whenever that attack is made, unless the synergyduration column is set to a value higher than 0, in which case another attack is needed to trigger the combo.

(I did this on my "Flame Strike" martial style where the power attack initiates an Immolation Harmonic Combo countdown after a 10 second delay, which then can be triggered with another power attack from the same style. )

I'm afraid I can't offer any insight into the Jade Empire MDL/MDX format since I know very little about modeling.

Edit: Made some changes to fix incorrect assumptions and add some other things discovered.

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