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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
So the digital screens at the not so nice theater which has slightly smaller screens and cheaper seats won out in my case. I just LOVE the digital screens. If you ever have the chance to go to a movie that's being digitally projected I suggest doing so. It's like going from VHS to DVD. When Meet the Robinsons was playing digitally they were playing the normal digital projection of it and the Disney Digital 3D version. I went to the 3D version and all I can say is ****ing wow!
The theatre I'm going to, has digital screens, I think. The theatre I went to see Spiderman III wasn't. It's a big difference. As well as the sound difference. The comfortability, size, etc. Damn, I guess it is worth the extra $1 to see the evening shows at the "nicer" theatre. But, the "nicer" theatre is quite far from where I live. Unlike the close theatre, that isn't as nice.

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