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Just for the record, I agree that Guybrush was changed just a little too much! Not only in his looks and proportions, but also in his personality. I think the only attribute they really kept about Guybrush is the fact that he's quite a bit na´ve. Other than that, I feel that we were playing with a completely different character. Maybe it was the fact that there were no voices, I don't know, but to me it seemed that Guybrush was an average-built guy WITHOUT a long skinny head, and he was pretty mellow and monotone (sort of... that's the only way I know to describe it). He also seemed very serious about everything, which is what aided in making him so na´ve, which was great about him! It seemed that from CMI on, Guybrush became a HUGE jokester for the mostpart of his personality. So I agree with Jack Sparrow... Guybrush is not the same anymore.
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