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Juhn-Kai stepped into a large hallway. The sounds of the distant battles that the Jedi were engaged in where suddenly silenced. The room had an inmense dark aura about it. The aura came from someone Juhn-Kai knew very well. He grinned and turned to a dark corner where a figure was clearly visible.

- "I think we can spare the theatrics Hord, they never really became you" - Juhn-Kai said.

Tulak Hord came out from the shadows covered in black robes with a doublebladed lightsaber in his hand.

- "Juhn-Kai Ryu, Emukiel Al-Saefar and Strider Flamehart. I've heard much about you Emukiel and Strider, I wonder if you'll make worthy oponents. I have not had a good duel since forever" - Tulak said and ignited his double blades.

Juhn-Kai took his lightsaber in his hand but did not ignite it right away, he simply awaited the Sith Lord to make his move.

- "I will take Emukiel first, then Strider and I will finish off Juhn-Kai afterwards. I will not aim to kill you but sparr with you, I'm interested in seeing the lightsaber techniques of this era" - Tulak said.

(Feel free to start your duel BKK))

Lyla spun once with her lightsaber cutting down a marauder and then stabbing another in the gut. She then continued to run to the dig site, but the entrance was well protected. Exactly as Juhn-Kai had predicted, the Seren were waiting for them, not carrying a lightsaber in their hands. The four seren lifted the Jedi from their feet and sent them flying across the hallway with the force. It was clear that only by using the force would they be able to defeat these men.

(Begin fighting, show off your force powers people )

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