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First off, I am not Rogue15. I just said hi.

This isn't meant to flame, but you really sound like one of those secular-progressive socialists, Spider.

Lemme try to respond to several posts now...

There has never been any resolution from anyone in writing as far as I know stating that the invasion of Iraq is illegal. If you believe it is illegal, please find some evidence that states it as illegal. Did we invade and learn that the intelligence was wrong? Yes. Did we invade and have no exit strategy: yes. Was the invasion illegal? No. Did we invade for oil and prop up American oil companies? No.

Please also define oppressive imperialism. I don't see the U.S. annexing anyone for their own personal benefit. We did several interventions in locations that showed that we were paper tigers and could be attacked, like Beirut in 1983, Iraq in 1991 and Mogadishu in 1993, and Bosnia, and unwilling to intervene in really disgusting areas like Rwanda.

And if the President doesn't set national policy, who does? Dick Cheney? Karl Rove? "The Man?" In the end, the buck stops with the President. He's responsible. He's the elected official, as well as the VP. It's their responsibility.

And I don't know much about corrupt bargains in Iraq, I'm assuming you mean the Halliburton thing. Definitely wasn't a great idea, but we still are sending aid to Iraq.

Okay, the United States did not pick the government. Maliki was not picked by the United States. IF he was, you need some evidence to back that up. The Sunnis boycotted the election, that's their problem. The point is there was a free and open election, and intimidation and violence was very low during that time. You at points like to give the U.S. every reason for wrongs, including everything bad Saddam did and that we absolutely destroyed the Iraqi people when Saddam did a much worse job. He's a bad guy. You realize if he wasn't there, a lot of these things wouldn't have happened probably. I see what we did was effective policy tools. Sanctions are designed to change a leader's policies.

My problem with the Iraqi people now is they don't want to help the American forces, whether or not they are an occupying force. They do realize if they help the country be secure the occupying force leaves sooner.

So, my question to you spider, is what should we have done? Iraq was a problem at the time. What should we have done to solve the problem before the war, with intelligence (that turned out incorrect, but was believed true by the entire world community for the most part) that says they have WMDs present. What'ya going to do?

Proud to be an American.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."-Edmund Burke
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