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"This era? Too bad you'll have to get disappointed right from the start" Emukiel said as he got ready, his lightsaber glowing ever so brightly. A grin spread upon the weequay's face as he concentrated upon the two blades he was facing. He could manage even if he was a bit rusty against a saberstaff. As they met midway throught their attacks, Emukiel stayed defencive and slow. Slower than he should be. They locked lightsabers and leaned against each others, which was when the old Jedi Master made his move.

"I'll give you the advantage of two blades, but don't be to certain that you'll still have both of them when we're finished" he noted before kicking himself off of the lock and then rushing back in with his lightsaber twirling around himself, covering the view in a green mist that would confuse most opponents well enought to get the next strike throught. This strike was a very swift jab in the middle of his hands, meant to cut throught the hilt of his double-bladed lightsaber.


The astromech plugged into the mainframe to download info and give more access to the jedi next to the computer. Feirod continued to mess around with the systems, locking doors and closing blast doors and all the hangars he could find so nobody could escape. The Equine Jedi noticed a movement near the computer station's door. Before he could react to it by locking the door, the guard was inside, slugthrower in hand and aimed. The Jedi took out his lightsaber, but the loud bang of the slughtrower made him flinch. The bullet entered his head and the jedi started to fall backwards before throwing the lightsaber and cutting the opponent by the waist. Swiftly the droid switched to another plugin and closed both the door and the blast door, locking both of them and fetching the lightsaber for the jedi who attempted to stood back up. It was lucky that the bullet had slipped right between his brains, coming out the back. It caused a major pain, yet it was non-lethal. As the droid came back to the jedi, he was already wrapping a cloth around his head to help it heal

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