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"Those are Terrenatek... they are lethal... even to the Jedi." Rueben said.

"RUEBEN!" Bastila yelled, at her grandson as she appeared.

"What?" He asked.

"I found out how my locket got to Earth!" Bastila said. "After I died, with Revan on Courscant, at the hands of my younger sister, Darth Melody, she saw the locket around my neck and took it. She hopped on board our ship, the Republic Cruiser, the Sojurn two. She set course for another galaxy and took off and found the tiny planet. She could not feel the Force there, so she figured it would be a good place to hide. She disguised the ship and destroyed it once she was out. She lost the locket, but it I must tell you... it will only work for a Force Sensitive... it may only work for a Shan even... that much I don't know."

Rueben's eyebrows shot up and his eyes got wide.

"So what your saying is that... this Monica girl maybe a VERY distant cousin." Rueben asked.

"It's possible." Bastila said.
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