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*A distress signal message flashed onto the screen of the Serenity Command ship (that Okoe Kithoran was on)*

*Kithoran Alliance officer* Need reinforcements! We found the Sith base, it's an Asteroid called "Kore".

*Okoe Kithoran* Very well, reinforcements are on the way.

*Moments later*

*Okoe Kithoran's flagship an several other Kithoran Alliance ships hyperspaced into the system*

*Okoe Kithoran* Serenitys, target the Leviathan!

*The Serenity class ships aimed their ships' noses at the Leviathan and hyperspaced through it, when the smoke lifted, about half of it was destroyed, but with the Leviathan's tough hull, there were several dents in most of the Serenity class ships*

*Serenity captain* Sir, I don't think our ships could survive another go at the Leviathan!

*Okoe* Well, if you can't destroy the hull, then use the hole you've created in the Leviathan to tear it apart from the inside out.

*Serenity captain* Yes sir, I'll tell the others to do the same.

*Okoe* Very well, over and out.

*A few minutes later, the Leviathan was destroyed*

*Okoe Kithoran* Lieutenant, take over, I'm going to finish off these blasted Sith!

*Not two minutes later Okoe's shuttle was heading towards the Sith base*

Now some Sith-Jedi action can ensue *Hint Hint*

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