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I always try to advance my station, Tech level, and Upgrades first. Do this after building a very small force, just enough for defense. The reason for the small force is because every time you build the next level of the space station it completely heals itself. after you have all of the upgrades and most of the mines start building as many corvettes as you can because of the first wave of fighters than hero's and cap ships but don't put them on the map. after this is done start building frigates for complicating things on the battle field. than as soon as the enemy attacks than launch your entire force at once. This will take out there force that they built up and you have most of the troops left so you can counter attack.

Also do you play just one vs one or team games? this would also help. :P

The other thing that u might want to do is change the over all difficulty of the game so that it is slightly easier

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